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Industrial components

Piezoelectric devices

By incorporating newly developed devices using piezoelectric single crystals, we have succeeded in developing oscillators with a range not hitherto available using crystal elements.

■Features (employing elements with new piezoelectric single crystals)

●These oscillators have the following four features:

  • 1.  Small device size

    When compared to crystals, this enables a much lower size. This provides a low frequency range not possible using crystal elements.

  • 2.Wide frequency range

    Compared to crystals, the resonance point - antiresonance point range is at least 5 times higher.

  • 3.Low crystal impedance

    Compared to crystals, this provides a 25% - 75% improvement for low frequency settings.

  • 4.Fast start-up time

    Compared to crystals, the start-up time is 5 - 10 times faster.

*Details above will vary depending on the set frequency and on other demand characteristics.

The photo shows surface mount-type 3225 size.

thermoelectric module

Thermoelectric module development (thermoelectric conversion) Toshiba thermoelectric module Giga Topaz (TM)

thermoelectric module Giga Topaz (TM) World's smallest and largest power generation modules

Features of products and services

  • Efficient usage of waste energy. Contributes to reductions in COs and other greenhouse gases.

    For example, over 70% of the energy used in the combustion of fuel in automobiles is exhausted into the atmosphere, without being used.
    Efficiently using waste energy that has, up until now, been discarded, helps reduce the impact on the environment.

  • High efficiency power generation in confined spaces. No moving parts, so maintenance-free.

    Power generating efficiency of 3.6 W/cm2 (when a temperature differential of 650℃, and output of 57 W), approximately three times that of former devices.
    Furthermore, no drive parts mean that there is little worry of accidents, and in principle require no maintenance.

  • Our own package sealing technology means that an output of 57 W at a temperature differential of 650℃ is the highest in the world.

    Our own metal air-tight packaging technology means an upper temperature limit of over 700℃.
    This means continuous operation under ultra high temperature conditions is possible, providing a world-leading 57 W at a temperature differential of 650℃.

Benefits to customers

Point 1 Efficient usage of waste energy Point 2 Long service life through our own materials and sealing technologies Point 3 Usage possible in space and other harsh temperature environments
Example of application in vehicle

Product specifications

Dimensions:4 cm×4 cm,Mass:40 g,Output:50 W or more (if temperature differential of 650°C),Usable temperature range:High temperature 700°C Low temperature 200°C,Continuous power generation:4,000 h
High temperature side: 783℃,Low temperature side: 88℃,Temperature differential: 650℃,Output: 57 W


Dosimeter components and Fixtures


Power device module packages

We are carrying out plastic forming that has resistance to high voltage.

Pneumatic components

These components are incorporated in pneumatically-driven equipment. High-precision parts required for precise operation can be achieved through press processing and plastic forming.